What is good light?

And why good light is important

Good light has a positive influence on our feelings and energy

Imagine the difference between a sunny summer day and a gray winter afternoon..

On a sunny summer day, we often feel happier and more energetic than on a gray winter day. During our daily commute, the colors of the nature and environment around us looks prettier and more colorful than during the winter. We wake up easier in the morning and we have more energy in the evening because the sun goes down much later in the evening.

A major factor is the difference in lighting conditions. The position of the sun influences the strength and the color of the light in our environments. During a sunny day without clouds, the sunbeams reach almost everything more or less directly. And this more direct and warmer light influences the colors of our environment and our feelings as human beings.

ROC Friese Poort Leeuwarden, het Centrum Duurzaam, verlicht door IdFrm

Elementary school the Princenhof is lighted by IdFrm

Good light inside is at least as important as outside

Centuries ago, we mostly lived outside. But with our current lifestyles and careers, most of us spend the majority of their time inside our homes, offices and schools. And where naturally occurring light isn’t enough to light everything properly, we use artificial light. And artificial light has changed a lot since the invention of the original light bulb.

With artificial light, we can illuminate and influence the atmosphere in the places we live and work. In a café or restaurant, the correct lighting conditions can create a cozy atmosphere, while other lighting conditions can improve the energy and concentration of students or employees in their classrooms or offices.

This allows us to improve the performance of students at school and employees in their offices or workplaces. And with a slightly different form of light, we can create a warm and cozy atmosphere to dine or relax in a café or restaurant.