Second phase of Theater de Harmonie

Posted on February 2nd 2018 by Vincent Adema

IdFrm was selected as light partner for the second phase of the renovation too

The sequel to a successful first phase

In the first phase of the renovation of Theater de Harmonie in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, the conference halls, the toilets and the traffic places where improved. You can read more about this phase here. A year later, the time to renovate the theater halls, including the stage and backstage, arrived.

In the second phase, the theater halls received a large collection of Grammi inlay fixtures. These fixtures make sure the hall, stage and backstage are well lighted when necessary.

The benefit of these fixtures is their long lifespan and low energy use. Some of the fixtures are installed at a very high ceiling. The benefit of our LED light is their long span. This saves Theater de Harmonie a lot on their service- and maintenance costs.

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