Teckno LED Spot

Ideal for every room where color is important

The Teckno LED spot is developed for environments in which the colors are very important, for example in museums, ateliers and clothing- and design stores. The light of the Teckno creates a perfect brightness and a neutral source of light.

The Teckno LED spot offers perfect brightness and a neutral source of light. Because of this, the light doesn’t influence the colors of a room and the products inside it. This makes the Teckno a perfect LED spot for museums, ateliers and clothing- and design stores. That’s because light can significantly alter the colors of the art within a museum or atelier or influence the color perception of clothes or other products within a clothing- or design store. And that is rarely something one wants.

The Teckno can be placed in every room. The basic version has an aluminum color, but the fixture can be supplied in every RAL color, so it can fit the rest of your interior.

The spot can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and can be tilted vertically. This allows you to direct the light on the exact spot you want to light. Besides that, the pendant height of the fixture and the length of the tray can be produced on order.

The fixtures can be mounted in a cable tray, which will also house the driver technology. The fixtures can also be placed in a ceiling system. In that case, the driver technology will be above the ceiling.

Benefits of the Teckno

  • Neutral light for a perfect display of color
  • Available in every RAL color
  • Horizontally rotatable full 360 degrees, vertically tillable
  • Up to 70% less energy used compared to fluorescent light
  • Available with different light temperatures
  • Available with different light strengths
  • Five year warranty


Sizes Exact sizes will follow soon
Light temperatures 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K of 5000K
Lifespan 80.000+ hours
Energy use DExact energy use will follow soon.
Warranty 5 years on the LED module

Product information

The product information sheet is available soon


Below, you’ll find some of the projects that used the Teckno.

InFession - Kleine Kerkstraat Leeuwarden

Neutral light in a clothing store is important. The wrong light may give wrong impressions of the products in the store. InFession solved this with the Teckno.

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