Supporting Designers

Collaborating for a unique design with LED

LED is a very flexible lighting solution. This allows it to be used in more designs than conventional light sources. IdFrm likes to help designers with their work, allowing them to use the best possible LED module in their work.

Designing a unique fixture together

Conventional light sources were less flexible in size and form than LED light. Because of this, the design of a fixture had to keep in mind the form and size of the light bulb. With LED, this is a thing of the past. A light source based on LED is much more flexible in size and shape. IdFrm is able to design a LED module that perfectly fits the design of your fixture.

The characteristics of LED allows you to place a source of light in the creative and unique designs.

IdFrm loves to support designers with their goal of creating a unique product. By thinking about the design together and how the LED module fits this design, we can create a unique fixture together.

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