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A unique fixture that perfectly fits your building

Sometimes, you need something that perfectly fits the rest of the design of your building and the decoration of the interior. Something you can’t find anywhere. In that case, a collaboration with IdFrm may be just what you need.

Specials are fixtures that we develop with our clients and, when necessary, external parties like designers. And with the developments in the area of LED light, the possibilities are endless. In the time of conventional light sources, the form of the light source (like fluorescent lights or light bulbs) dictated a lot of the design. With LED, this is not a problem at all. LED light modules can be developed with a lot more flexibility, making the design of the fixture the main area of focus.

With The Ikker, the Protestant Church in Burgum, The Netherlands, we’ve developed a beautiful round fixture and created a custom LED module for this design. The circle fixture contains LED strip over the full inside of the fixture.

For new designs and converting old designs to LED

It is often possible to convert your old fixtures to LED. It is possible that you have some very unique fixtures in your building that use conventional light sources. These may be integral to the interior of your building and you may want to keep them at all costs. In that case it is often beneficial to see whether it is possible to convert the fixture to LED.

In that case, we look at the function of the fixture and what kind of light source is used right now. Based on this, we are able to see if it can be converted to LED and what kind of module is necessary to keep the design and function in place. This allows you to keep your original fixture, while still receiving all the benefits of LED light, like energy efficiency and a long lifespan of the light module.

Want to know more about developing a special? Contact us for a non-committal discussion about the possibilities.

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