Program light with DALI

One light solution for every scenario

Many rooms are used in more than one way. Most functions need their own way of lighting. With the help of DALI, you only need one light solution for all these functions.

What is DALI?

DALI is an open standard and it means Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. DALI creates an environment in which different parts of the lighting solution can communicate with each other. The goal of this is to create a lighting condition that perfectly fits the different functions of a room while also meeting the demands of the client.

An example

Take a large hall in a high school. This hall is used for many different occasions. In the morning, the hall may be used to administer exams, where the complete room need light that allows the students to work comfortably and focused.

Later in the afternoon, there is a presentation, in which the light needs to be dimmed, except on the podium. Here, the presenter and the podium need to be illuminated brightly for good visibility. After the presentations, there is an occasion to get a drink and talk with each other. Once again, the light needs to change, this time to create a more cozy atmosphere. The light needs to be warmer, dimmed slightly. This is a different sort of light than the one which gives energy and improves concentration, like the one during the exams.

Finally, in the evening, the room needs to be cleaned. For this, the light needs to be set to full strength so that the cleaners have the best view.


DALI is an open standard. Because of this, you are not stuck to a certain supplier. You are able to move to another specialist that works with DALI to change settings or use other products that work within the DALI ecosystem.

Another benefit is the costs. By using the light in a way that fits the current use of the room and the weather conditions outside, you use less light. This lowers your costs and energy use.

Further on, it is a very flexible system. Every light fixture or group of fixtures can be set up as you want. Through this, you only need one light solution for differing functions and situations.

With the help of DALI and the light fixtures of IdFrm, you can create different lighting conditions with a single light solution.

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