Below, you will find an overview of the light fixtures that IdFrm has developed. The projects that IdFrm performs often only use the fixtures that are developed and produced by ourselves. Besides a collection of standard fixtures of the series below, we develop custom fixtures in collaboration with our clients or with external designers. You can find these under the button Specials. These fixtures are designed and developed based on the wishes of the client or are fitted with a custom LED fixture to meet the design of the external designer and are, when you want, exclusively produced for your organization.


Grammi LED inlegarmatuur

Slim LED inlay fixture for ceiling systems

The Grammi is the modern, stylish and energy efficient replacement of the traditional fluorescent light fixture. Inlay fixtures are often the core of light within an office space, workplace or school. The Grammi is the perfect solution for every room with a ceiling system.

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Elina LED Pendelarmatuur

Stylish LED pendant fixture

The Elina is a stylish and energy efficient pendant fixture with LED technology. A modern fixture that supplies light direct, indirect or both simultaneously for every room. And with its stylish design it is a beautiful addition for every room.

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LED Downlighter

Versatile and energy efficient LED spot

The Downlighter is easy to install and can be used in almost every room. The source of light is always based on LED and it offers many different options in light temperature and strength.

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Ideal for every room where color is important

The Teckno LED spot is developed for environments in which the colors are very important, for example in museums, ateliers and clothing- and design stores. The light of the Teckno creates a perfect brightness and a neutral source of light.

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Speciale LED armaturen van IdFrm

A uniquely designed fixture for your company

IdFrm offers the option to design and develop a custom made fixture for your organization. In collaboration with our clients and / or external designers, we’re able to develop a fixture that perfectly meets your demands.

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