Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement IdFrm B.V.

At IdFrm B.V. we care about dealing with your personal information carefully. This statement explains how we collect and store your data. We do this in compliance with the GDPR EU2016/679.

When you contact us or work with us, you agree by our privacy policy and the way we handle your personal data. You also accept that we may contact you digitally.

To supply our products and services, we may need some of your personal data. In this document we explain how we use the data and why we may need it.

Which information do we collect?

This document is about the information we collect both online and offline. This may contain personal information. This information is collected through different channels, like our website, social media, phone calls, email, events or personal meetings. The information that we collect may be combined to help you in the best way possible. For example, we may combine information collected through our website with information that we collect in a personal meeting with you or one of your employees.

You are able to contact us directly or indirectly with information about you or your company. If you ask us for an appointment, our products or services, a light plan or a custom made advice, we save information. When you communicate with us through email, phone, social media or in person, we may write down or collect information. Finally, we also collect information through our website. When it is possible, this information will be anonymous. But some information needs to be coupled to private information to use it in the intended way.

The information we collect may contain:

  • Personal contact details like your name, invoice address, deliver address, email address, phone number, your position in the company, among others
  • Information about the products or services you’re interested in or the ones you have already purchased
  • Purchase and contact history, like previous purchases and payments
  • Information about the device you are using, like your IP address, language settings, browser, location, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution

Not all information is saved and not all information can be traced to you as a person

What do you do with this information?

The information that you give to us, the information that we collect and the information about the products and services that we offer is necessary to work with our customers and suppliers in a productive and efficient way. The information is also used to improve our products and services. We do this in a way that complies with the relevant laws.

Is my information shared with other companies or people?

We try to limit data sharing as much as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to share some information with our partners or our suppliers to give you the best product and service experience. We only share the information that is necessary to help you as a customer, only with your benefit in mind. When relevant authorities demand information, we will work with the authorities if the law demands us to do so. We do our best to take all legal, technical and organizational measures to protect your information and to store it in a safe and legal manner.

IdFrm will never sell your information to third parties.

Where is the personal data processed?

IdFrm B.V. is situated in the Netherlands. All data is handled within the EU and the EEA. We do our best to take all legal, technical and organizational measures to protect your information and to store it in a safe and legal manner.

How long is my information stored?

We store your information as long as we need it to reach the goal for which we collected the data. After this, if the relevant legislation allows us, we will delate your information. Certain information has to be stored for a fixed amount of time by law. IdFrm will follow this legislation.

What rights do I have with regards to my data?

  • You have the right to access your data, to change your data and to delete data
  • You have the right to limit the permission related to your data usage, or revoke the permission all together
  • You have the right to transfer your data
  • You have the right to send in an official complaint at the relevant authorities (Autoriteit Persoongegevens in the Netherlands, for example)

It is important to know that certain information has to be stored for a fixed term by law. This legislation goes before your right to delete your information. After the mandatory term, IdFrm is willing to delete all relevant information.


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IdFrm B.V. is registered under KVK number 01158557 in the Netherlands. You can contact us through if you have any questions or want to change your data.

Date: 26-05-2018