Elementary school the Princenhof

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

In the different ceiling systems, we’ve used round Downlighters and Grammi inlay fixtures.

Good light supports high quality education

The study results of children on school are very important. And good light can help with that. That’s because classrooms with high quality light and enough intensity allow the students to be more relaxed and focus for longer periods of time. They will also become tired less fast, especially during the winter months when the days are shorter and natural light is less intense.

Elementary school the Princenhof in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, only makes use of LED light from IdFrm. First of all, we’ve used Grammi inlay fixtures. These inlay fixtures have a light source based on LED and they are easy to install in ceiling systems. In the classrooms and gym halls we’ve placed rows of Grammi’s.

In the traffic spaces and in a few other rooms, we’ve installed Downlighters from IdFrm. These round LED spots can be installed easily in different types of ceilings.

Both fixtures come with the benefits that LED light offers. Besides the benefits we’ve named above, LED light uses a lot less energy and has a longer lifespan than conventional light sources. Because of this, the Princenhof has to pay less for their energy bill, significantly lowered their service- and replacement costs and the light helps them achieve their sustainability goals.

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