Posted on March 30th 2018 by Vincent Adema

The Pluglight has been developed together with Atelier ARI.

Light and charger in one stylish solution

In 2017, we’ve developed the Pluglight together with Atelier ARI and Design Connector. The designers of Atelier ARI, Joyce de Grauw and Paul van de Berg, designed the fixture. IdFrm has done the technological development and supplied the LED module. All the parties are based in Holland, which makes this product 100% Dutch Design.

The Pluglight is made of a transparent acryl and contains a LED module that gives diffuse light. Below the block there is a power outlet. Because you can easily move the light through the flexible cable, people can take the block in their hands and put their charger in the power outlet.

This is ideal for places where people work and relax. For example, one could install a couple of Pluglights above a large table where people work and study. Employees or students could take one of the blocks and charge their laptops, phones or tablets without the annoyance of cables over the floor.

The Pluglight can be bought, among other places, through IdFrm and through Atelier ARI. This is the company that designed the Pluglight. Design Connector has also helped with the Pluglight.

Do you have a special design that needs a light module? Or do you need advice about light?

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