Good light supports a productive working day

Good light in the office helps creating a work environment where your employees can work with a high level of concentration and energy. The correct light temperature, strength and selection of the light fixtures positively influences the performance of your employees.

A good workplace environment is important to work pleasantly and productively. And good light has a large influence on the quality of our workplaces. The right light temperature (something we see mostly as the color of light), the right light intensity and the way the light illuminates the room influences how we feel.

Research shows that light can improve the concentration and energy of people in a room. This means that your employees can work more productively in a room with the right light.

At IdFrm, we’ve helped deliver the right light to many office spaces and other workplaces. Light that creates the right working conditions, whatever your employees may do at that time. We look at how the different rooms in your building are used and if this function changes during the day. If that is the case, we use modern light driver technology, allowing you to change the lighting conditions to the current function of the room with a single button on a (digital) control panel.

The benefits of good light don’t end here. IdFrm her modern light sources use the most recent LED technology. And that brings extra benefits. LED has a much longer life span than conventional light sources. Our LED fixtures have a life span of over 80.000 operating hours. This means no replacement costs for many years and (almost) no service- and maintenance costs. LED also uses up to 70% less energy than conventional light sources. This lowers your energy costs significantly, while also creating a more environmental friendly workplace.

Good light has a lot of benefits for your company

  • Good light gives people more energy
  • Good light improves the concentration of your employees
  • The correct fixtures lights every part of the room well without creating hinderance
  • Light based on LED has a long lifespan, meaning no replacement costs for many years
  • Five year warranty
  • Up to 70% less energy use
  • Which lowers energy costs and makes your workplace more environmental friendly

Endless Light

Good light in practice

The best way to see how good light can help your organization is seeing how other companies have benefitted. IdFrm has helped many companies to create better working environments.

Housing association Parteon Wormerveer

Woningbouwvereniging Parteon Wormerveer, verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

Good light in the workplace energizes employees and allows them to focus. This monumental building used to be a cacao factory. Now Housing association Parteon houses in it.

The energy use of the light has been lowered by 50%.

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