Nordwin College in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

LED light perfectly fits the green image of the Nordwin College

Environmental friendly lighting for the most environmental friendly school in the northern Netherlands

The Nordwin College is an education organization that offers a high school and a practical college program. Two of the locations in Leeuwarden have been relighted by IdFrm.

It started at the high school location. An interior design has been made to renovate the rooms and the light had to fit this design. IdFrm has designed a light plan based on these goals and this plan fit the goals of the client. The light shouldn’t be too exuberant. The goal was to have functional, energy efficient and environmental friendly light. And that is the way we went.

In the summer of 2016, everything has been supplied and installed. The students could start their new year in their new study environment. They also have the chance to lounge, relax and lunch in their new canteen. In the classrooms and hallways the new ceiling systems contain Grammi inlay fixtures.

Het vier meter lange Elina pendelarmatuur is op maat gemaakt voor het Nordwin College

The four meter (13ft) Elina pendant fixture has been custom made for Nordwin

In 2017, we’ve renovated the second part of the Nordwin College, a location that functions for the practical college. We’ve lighted the greenhouses, the canteen and the kitchen. We’ve mainly used the Elina pendant fixture.

We’ve produces a special version of the Elina. The profiles in the canteen have been custom made for Nordwin, with a length of 4 meters (around 12 to 13 feet).

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