Light plan

A custom made light plan for your organization

A light plan is a digital elaboration of the light advice. Based on the information we receive while we get to know you and your organization and the information about your building, we create a light plan in DIALux.

DIALux allows us to create a blueprint of the room that needs to be lighted. The surface and interior of the rooms are put in the software. Combined with the technical specifications of the chosen fixtures, we can calculate what the net result of all the fixtures will be in the rooms.

What is DIALux?

DIALux is the most used software to plan light in rooms, floors or even complete buildings and outdoor scenes. Based on the chosen light source in the fixture and the way the fixture directs the light, the software is able to calculate the effect of the light in the rooms that need to be lighted.

This guarantees a high quality lighting solution. Because DIALux allows us to calculate exactly how the room will be lighted before the light is bought and installed.

Combining knowledge and experience

At IdFrm, we combine our knowledge and experience with the demands of the client. That allows us to deliver a result that meets your demands and exactly fits the specifications and function(s) of the room(s) that need to be lighted.

IdFrm has helped organizations with good light for many years and is also able to deliver perfect lighting conditions for your organization.

Do you want to have a custom made light plan for your organization? Contact us and we’ll make sure you get good light.

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