Professional light advice

Good light starts with a good advice

Every room needs its own way of lighting. At IdFrm, we’ve been helping customers build spaces that contain good light for many years. And that starts with a good advice.

Lighting a room is easy. Lighting a room correctly is a lot more difficult. You need to understand the room itself, the interior and decoration of the room, the way or ways the room is used and the demands of the users of the room.

Studying the room itself

A good advice starts by studying the room itself. We look at the surface and height of the room, the colors that are used and the furniture. The size of a room influences the amount of light needed to reach the goal, the colors influence how strongly the light is reflected throughout the room and the furniture influences where the light is blocked by the interior.

Understanding how the room is used

When we know how the room needs to be lighted, we work to understand how the room is used. Does the room has one function or is it a multifunctional room? Do these different functions need the same amount and temperature of light? Or does this differ based on what the current function is? And what does current legislation say about the light?

Light has a large inlfuence on the atmosphere of a room. Light can improve the concentration and energy of the visitors of the room, but it can also be used to create a more cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The type or light one needs depends on how the room is used.

The demands of the users

Finally, the demands of the users of the room and the client are very important. What do the regular users of the room like and how do they use the room? We also include the wishes and demands of the client him- or herself.

A professional and custom made advice about light is the basis of every room with good light

These different factors influence what good light means for that specific room. As you can see, there is a lot more than meets the eye surrounding light.

IdFrm has helped many companies in the past and is able to advice your company about what light would be perfect for your building.

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