An relaxing shopping experience at InFession in the Kleine Kerkstraat

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

The neutral light of the Teckno LED spot allows for a neutral color display of the clothing

Pleasant shopping in a beautiful lighted setting

In September 2015, InFession opened her doors in the most beautiful shopping lane in the Netherlands, the Kleine Kerkstraat in Leeuwarden. The response from customers and visitors have been very positive. Not just because of the beautiful collection of women’s fashion. The lighting in the store also impresses visitors.

InFession uses the Teckno LED spot from IdFrm. The COB LED that has been used in these spots create an optimal color display (4000K And >Ra97 for those who know the technical side of light). Because of this, a natural light condition is created. And because the color of the light is equal throughout the store, customers are not confused because the clothing looks different based on where she stands in the store. This allows customers to see how the clothing and colors really look.

The Teckno spots can be rotated horizontally and vertically. The spots have been installed in the profile of the Elina fixture. In a part of the store, the ceiling of this monumental building is lighted indirectly. This with the help of our LED pcb. With the help of a remote, this light can be dimmed easily.

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