Concentrated and energetic employees with the right light

Employees that have more energy are able to focus better and make less mistakes. Good light and good visibility improves the energy and productivity of your employees and lowers mistakes in the production environment.

In a production and work environment, the right lighting is very important. Whether your employees do routine work or make custom made products, your team has to perform as good as they can. That often means doing high quality work, with as few mistakes as possible, at a pace that is high enough. Good light can help achieve this goal.

Imagine the difference between a good and bright lighted workplace and one with low quality lighting and little if any natural light from outside and the difference is easy to understand. In a workplace with the right light, your employees will feel more energetic and are able to focus better on their work, what the time or the weather outside may be. Because of this, they are able to work faster and make less mistakes.

At IdFrm, we’ve helped many companies in the past years to get the light that fits their work environment. Light that helps to work productively from early in the morning until late in the night. We do this with the most modern LED modules in our own light fixtures. But also with modern light driver technologies, allowing you to change the light with a single press on the (digital) control panel. With a solution like that, you can create multiple lighting conditions based on just one light solution.

The benefits of good light don’t end here. IdFrm her modern light sources use the most recent LED technology. And that brings extra benefits. LED has a much longer life span than conventional light sources. Our LED fixtures have a life span of over 80.000 operating hours. This means no replacement costs for many years and (almost) no service- and maintenance costs. LED also uses up to 70% less energy than conventional light sources. This lowers your energy costs significantly, while also creating a more environmental friendly workplace.

Good light has a lot of benefits for your company

  • Good light gives your employees more energy
  • Good light improves the concentration of your personnel
  • Because of this, the chance of making mistakes is lower
  • The correct fixtures lights every part of the room well without creating hinderance
  • Light based on LED has a long lifespan, meaning no replacement costs for many years
  • Five year warranty
  • Up to 70% less energy use
  • Which lowers energy costs and makes your workplace more environmental friendly

Endless Light

Good light in practice

The best way to see how good light can help your organization is seeing how other organizations have benefitted. IdFrm has helped many companies to create better working environments.

Powder coating line Metaal 2000

Poedercoat-lijn Metaal 2000, verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

At Metaal 2000 in Bolsward, the powder coating line has been lighted by IdFrm.

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