Housing association Parteon

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

The wall-mounted fixtures on the pillars have been converted from a conventional lighting source to LED technology. Through this conversion, Parteon could keep the old fixtures and still benefit from the benefits of LED.

Modern light in a monumental building

Housing association Parteon houses in a beautiful monumental building that used to function as a cacao factory in Wormerveer.

In this project, we’ve replaced some of the existing fixtures to LED fixtures from IdFrm. In the offices, we’ve used Elina pendant fixtures with direct and indirect light. Through this, the ceiling is lighted through the top of the fixture while the room itself is lighted mostly through the direct light from the bottom of the fixture. This has been developed in such a way that there are no bothersome light reflections.

The wall-mounted fixtures on the pillars contained a conventional light source. The old light source has been removed from the existing fixtures and has been replaced by an energy efficient and environmental friendly LED module.

The energy use of the light has been lowered by 50% because of the LED pcb’s that IdFrm developed. Another benefit is that the lifespan of LED light sources is much higher than conventional light sources. This allows Parteon to lower their service- and replacement costs significantly.

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