Atmospheric light in Grand Café de Dikke van Dale

Posted on May 5th 2018 by Vincent Adema

The pictures have been shot by photographer Rob Tol.

The right lighting conditions at every time of the day

When LED light was new, it has the image of producing cold and bleak light. Not the type of light that you would install in a cozy grand café. We’re glad to say that LED light has evolved a lot since the beginning and that you can create very atmospheric light conditions with LED. Better yet, with LED technology you can create different light temperatures out of one LED fixture. And you can see that after the renovation of Grand Café de Dikke van Dale in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. IdFrm made the light plan and supplied the light for this atmospheric and iconic Grand Café at the Nieuwestad in Leeuwarden. We’ve worked with Noord Nederland Interieurs and Pranger-Rosier Installaties to produce this stellar result.

Sfeervol licht in Grand Café de Dikke van Dale in Leeuwarden

In this project, we’ve used a new LED technology that is called dimming to warm. With this technology, the color temperature of the light lowers once you dim the light. Color temperature is how we see and experience the color of the lighting. At normal strength, the light produces a color temperature of 2700K. This is a relatively warm temperature. Once you dim the light however, the color temperature lowers to 1850K. To give you an idea to understand these figures, the color temperature of candle light is 1900K. And candle light is something people often consider very warm and cozy light. Prefect for places where you want to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

All light fixtures in this project use DALI technology. With the help of a touchscreen, employees can regulate the LED light and the classic chandeliers and wall-mounted fixtures with one press on the screen. We’ve pre-installed multiple light scenarios, like a scenario for daylight, evening light and a setting to clean the building. It is also possible to manually control the lighting per group. Through this, Grand Café de DIkke van Dale can create the perfect lighting conditions for multiple settings.

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