Grammi LED inlay fixture

Slim LED inlay fixture for ceiling systems

The Grammi is the modern, stylish and energy efficient replacement of the traditional fluorescent light fixture. Inlay fixtures are often the core of light within an office space, workplace or school. The Grammi is the perfect solution for every room with a ceiling system.

The Grammi is a slim and modern LED inlay fixture that can be used in every ceiling system. The standard sizes of the fixture are 600mm and 1200mm. Custom sizes can be produced and supplied on order.

Every room asks for its own way of lighting. That’s why the Grammi can be supplied with different light temperatures, from 2200K to 5000K. Besides that, the Grammi has a low UGR value. This means that the light creates as little troublesome reflections as possible and allows the fixture to be used in places where people work and relax.

The Grammi can be controlled in different ways. It can be driven by a Constant Current, 1-10V or a modern DALI driver. The fixture can be used with detection sensors and can also be supplied with a decentral emergency power unit, which makes sure that the light still works when there is no power.

Voordelen van de Grammi

  • Fits in every standard ceiling system
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Up to 70% less energy use compared to fluorescent light
  • Available with different light temperatures
  • Available with different light strengths
  • Five year warranty


Sizes Length 600MM, 1200MM or custom made
Light temperatures 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K of 5000K
Lifespan 80.000+ hours
Energy use 24 watt (600mm Grammi) and 48 watt (1200mm Grammi)
Warranty 5 years on the LED module

Product information

Download the product information sheet below.

Grammi 600MM
Grammi 1200MM


Below, you’ll find some of the projects that used the Grammi.

Princenhofschool - Sports Halls

Equal light in a sports hall makes it the place more pleasant for athleters and spectators.

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NHL University - Lecture Halls

The Grammi fixtures are easy to set up for different situation. In this project, there is a presentation, a exam and a cleaning setting for the end of the day.

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