Good light in a production environment

Posted on February 1st 2018 by Vincent Adema

We help existing companies with experiences employees and educational organizations with the engineers of the future.

Pleasant and productive workdays in the right lighting

Work in production halls and workshops often goes on all day (and night). It is important for employees in these kind of jobs to have good vision, whatever the time of day. And it is also important that the employees are able to focus and have the energy to have productive days.

The correct lighting solution can help your company with achieving these goals. That’s because light influences our day and night rhythm and our biological clock. The right light color and intensity makes us feel more energetic, while a lack of light or the wrong light color can make us feel extra tired and prepare us for sleep.

The warehouses of Friesland Campina in Nigeria are lighted by IdFrm

The warehouses of Friesland Campina in Nigeria are lighted by IdFrm

IdFrm and her partners have the knowledge to light your company in the correct way. We’ve lighted Metaal 2000’s new powder coating line in Bolsward, the Netherlands and have supplied the lighting for the warehouses from Friesland Campina in Nigeria. We’ve also lighted multiple workplaces for schools and universities. The engineers of the future are trained there.

The benefits of the right light are not just how it influences people’s energy and emotions. LED light is much more energy efficient than conventional light sources and they have a longer life span. Thus, by moving to LED light, you save money on your energy bill, lower your service- and replacement costs and operate in a more environmental friendly way.

Want to know what good light can do for your organization?

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