A pleasant study environment with the help of good light

The environment in which students work has a major influence on their performance. Good light helps create the right environment. The correct light temperature, strength and selection of the light fixtures creates a well-lighted classroom and gives energy the concentration and energy they need for a productive day.

Good education is an important part of our societies. And good education starts by having good teachers and teaching methods. But the performance of students are influenced by far more factors than just teachers and teaching methods. The study environment influences how well students perform. And light plays a large role in that study environment.

Research shows that the right lighting conditions can have a positive influence on the concentration and energy of people. It is important to choose the right source of light, because the light temperature (something most of us would call the color of light) and the intensity of the light decides what influence light has on us.

At IdFrm, we’ve helped educational organizations like elementary schools, high schools and universities create the perfect study environments for years. With a light temperature and intensity that improves the energy and ability to focus for both teachers and students. With modern light driving methods, which allow teachers to change the light setting to the current way of working with a single press on the digital control panel. Like a general setting in which everyone can study well, or a presentation setting in which only the front row is lighted, pulling focus from everyone to the front of the room. But also a cleaning setting, to allow the cleaners to see everything while cleaning at the end of the day.

The benefits of good light don’t end here. IdFrm her modern light sources use the most recent LED technology. And that brings extra benefits. LED has a much longer life span than conventional light sources. Our LED fixtures have a life span of over 80.000 operating hours. This means no replacement costs for many years and (almost) no service- and maintenance costs. LED also uses up to 70% less energy than conventional light sources. This lowers your energy costs significantly, while also creating a more environmental friendly workplace.

Good light has a lot of benefits for your company

  • Good light gives teachers and students more energy
  • Good light improves the concentration of your students
  • The correct fixtures lights every part of the room well without creating hinderance
  • Light based on LED has a long lifespan, meaning no replacement costs for many years
  • Five year warranty
  • Up to 70% less energy use
  • Which lowers energy costs and makes your workplace more environmental friendly

Endless Light

Good light in practice

The best way to see how good light can help your organization is seeing how other educational organizations have benefitted. IdFrm has helped many companies to create better working environments.

NHL University Leeuwarden

NHL Hogeschool Leeuwarden, verlicht door IdFrm LED Verlichting

The NHL University of Applied Sciences invests in her students and the place where they work. Good education and good light go hand in hand. Because the right light can improve our ability to focus and energize us while working. Both very important for a good perfromance.

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