Downlighter LED Spot

Versatile and energy efficient LED spot

The Downlighter is easy to install and can be used in almost every room. The source of light is always based on LED and it offers many different options in light temperature and strength.

The Downlighter is the LED spot from IdFrm. It is available in many variants and sizes and it’s always energy efficient. LED spots like the Downlighter can be used everywhere, for example in stores, traffic areas like hallways, entrance spaces and toilets. But because the Downlighter can be supplied with different LED modules, the Downlighter can be used in different rooms too.

The Downlighter’s LED module is available in different light temperatures, ranging from 2200K to 5000K. This allows the Downlighter to be used in rooms where the light should help create a cozy atmosphere, but also in spaces where the light should be bright and clear.

Besides that, the Downlighter can be controlled in different ways. The fixture can be used with detection sensors and can also be supplied with a decentral emergency power unit, which makes sure that the light still works when there is no power.

Benefits of the Downlighter

  • Easy to install in most ceiling systems
  • Up to 70% less energy used compared to fluorescent light
  • Available with different light temperatures
  • Available with different light strengths
  • Five year warranty


Sizes Diverse range of standard sizes and custom sizes are possible
Light temperatures 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K of 5000K
Lifespan 80.000+ hours
Energy use Depends on size. The 165MM model uses between 12 and 30 watt.
Warranty 5 years on the LED module

Product information

Download the product information sheet below.

Downlighter 165mm
Downlighter 260mm
Downlighter Color Change 220mm


Below, you’ll find some of the projects that used the Downlighter.

NHL Leeuwarden - Study landscape

The right light can energize us and help us focus. Very important for a place where hundreds of students work and study. The Downlighter lights the study landscape of the NHL

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Theater de Harmonie - Leeuwarden

Light influences the atmosphere of a room. Very important for a multi-functional place like that of Theater de Harmonie. The Downlighter in this project can be driven digitally to change color and intensity easily.

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