Cost-saving calculation

Saving money and the environment with LED technology

Moving from conventional light sources to LED light saves a lot of money in most cases. Besides this, the long life span and the low energy use helps improving the environment.

The benefits of LED light

LED differs on a few points from conventional light sources and these points make it a profitable investment to move to LED light.

First of all, the life span of LED light module is longer than conventional light sources. These conventional light sources, like light bulbs and fluorescent lights, burn out a lot faster than light sources based on LED. Our LED modules have a life span of over 80.000 hours. With 50 operating hours per week and 52 weeks a year, this means that one LED module can be used for over 30 years without replacement costs.

A second benefit of LED is the energy efficiency of the technology. LED light uses less energy per hour compared to conventional light sources. This can save, depending on the previous situation and the amount of light needed, save up to 70%. This lowers your energy costs significantly, while also allowing you to work in a more sustainable and environment friendly manner.

Finally, because of the long life span, switching to LED lowers your service- and maintenance costs to (almost) nothing.

The low energy use and the long life span makes LED for almost every organization a profitable investment.

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