Circulair Lighting - Reuse old light fixtures with led technology

Posted on June 18th 2018 by Vincent Adema

The wall-mounted fixtures on the columns used to work on conventional light. Now they operate on state of the art led technology.

All benefits that come with led without replacing your current fixtures

At IdFrm we usually supplu new light fixtures when we light a building. But there are plenty of situations when the customer wants to keep using the old fixtures. For example, you may not want to completely renovate your building or have recently invested in your current light solution that still works on conventional light sources. In this sort of situations it is interesting to convert these fixtures to led technology.

IdFrm is the expert in converting light fixtures from a traditional light source to led. From large projects to small custom-made projects, it is almost always profitable to convert your light to led.

All the benefits that come with new led fixtures are available when you convert your current fixtures to led. By moving to led, you can save up to 70% of your energy use and you have a lightsource that has a lifespan of over 80.000 operating hours. This lowers your energy bill significantly and lowers the amount you pay for service- and replacement costs.

Besides that, you have the added benefit that the new light sources can be driven by DALI technology. With DALI, you can adjust and dim the light manually through a digital touchscreen. You can read more about DALI here. Converting your current fixtures also saves you the investment in a complete renovation, new ceiling or new fixtures. So converting to led saves you in multiple ways.

At the top of this page, you can see a picture of Parteon in Wormerveer, the Netherlands. The wall-mounted fixtures used to operate on gas discharge technology, a source of light that uses a lot more energy and has a much shorted lifespan than led light. We removed the old lightsource and installed a complete new one based on led technology.

Or the pictures above, where you can see four fixtures hang at the Stenden University in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The old lightsource was at the end of its lifespan both economically and technologically. The old light source has been removed and completely converted to led light with new cooling- and driver technology. Because of this, the light bulbs don't have to replaced as fast as they used to be and the light uses a lot less energy.

Convert your current light to led?

All benefits of led light against a smaller investment than a complete renovation or replacement of your current light?

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